Companies that attend


Jennifer Huang Gil

Product Manager at Stripe

Savina Velkova

Product Manager at Facebook

Srin Madipalli

Product Manager at Airbnb

Emily Claudet

Product Manager at Microsoft

Pooja Naidu

Head of Product at Financial Times Group Products

Rosie Snow

Director of Product at Moo

Edward Dowling

Product Manager at TransferWise

Nina de Souza

Head of Consumer Product at Deliveroo

Shaun Shirazian

Head of Product Management at Intuit

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Are you interested in learning how to build and manage products that users love? We'd like to have you at Product Festival. This is where the world's leading product people come together and share practical advice on how to build and evolve products. Product Festival features enlightening talks to help you become a better product leader.

Get key insights

Learn about the newest product management practices, trends, tools, and processes.

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Build relationships with product leaders from fast growing startups to large enterprises.

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Have your specific questions answered and challenges addressed by speakers and attendees.

Jesse Orme‏


At Product Festival by @AcademyOX listening to some great speakers. #sanfrancisco #design #product

Arijit Das / SĀF


Great day at #productfestival with @animoto design team! Learned a ton, looking forward to applying.

Sarah Waldner


"Clear goals help ppl contextualize work and find metrics to ensure their success" Great point @kberger! @AcademyOX #product @VictorOps



@kberger enjoyed you at #productfestival today. My colleagues and I at @checkr gave you the gold. :)

Joshua Sortino


I love how #productfestival is handling Q&A. Never heard of @Slidoapp but it's the most I've seen the audience engaging with a speaker.

Alina Kharina


Product insights at #productfestival today. awesome speakers



We had a blast at this week's #productfestival NY, facilitating discussions w/ the world's leading product managers  Great Qs & learnings!

Inga Chen


Had a blast talking data products & running a #machinelearning product workshop at #ProductFestival NY! Thx for having me @AcademyOX!

Droy Walker


All great talks at #productfestival  Thanks speakers!

Janet Stearns


@TheTravelTab’s product team listening & learning from product speakers from Google, Spotify, Instagram, and more at #productfestival #nyc

Noman Siddiqui


Stellar line up of speakers at #ProductFestival SF! organized by @AcademyOX #ProductDesign #UX #UI #conference

Prerak Patel‏


Awesome talk at #productfestival by @NickeySkarstad of @Airbnb. Really insightful.

The Schedule

July 18, 2018

9:30am to 5:30pm




Morning Talks

Jennifer Huang Gil, Stripe

Product Management Best Practices

How do you become a more effective product manager?  Follow essential PM best practices.  Here we will talk about the core set of tools and practices you can use to be more successful at your job.  This general framework can be applied to all different types of products (consumer or enterprise) and can ultimately help you build better products more efficiently. 

Srin Madipalli, Airbnb

Accessibility as a market opportunity with huge untapped potential

Creating products for people with accessibility needs can be a business strategy to reach out to a new and untapped audience of consumers. In this talk, we'll discuss Airbnb's strategic investment to acquire Accomable, a tech platform for accessible travel; and the product investments being made to ensure that millions of new hosts and guests can use Airbnb - and how the accessibility market could be a new opportunity for your company.

Savina Velkova, Facebook

Human product management: Turn your soft skills into your superpowers

Thinking of product management as a human discipline may sound obvious and redundant. After all, to be a good PM you have to listen closely to the voice of the user or customer and collaborate with people across the entire organization. Yet, the traditional split of skills into hard and soft doesn’t do justice to the very human skills you need in order to build great products that people use and love. This talk argues that embracing the human skills of humility, vulnerability and communication can turn them into your superpowers and make you the best PM your team has ever had.




Afternoon Talks

Edward Dowling, TransferWise

Why autonomous teams suck, but you should do it anyway

Autonomy empowers teams to build products faster and make customers happier sooner. Done well, autonomy unites the company behind a common mission and gives teams the power to decide how to achieve it. But when a company scales, keeping alignment amongst teams becomes harder and harder. Autonomy can become synonymous with chaos and customers suffer from an inconsistent and fragmented product. This session will offer an insight into how autonomy has scaled at TransferWise and the lessons we've learnt along the way.

Emily Claudet, Microsoft

Improving the UX in an AI driven Product

How can Product Managers improve user experiences that are influenced by deep learning algorithms under the hood? Smart features may help or confuse users and are difficult to measure the impact of. Learn how we handle the challenge in SwiftKey, a keyboard mobile app that uses Artificial Intelligence to predict words, using examples of improving the text input experience.

Nina de Souza, Deliveroo

Balancing customers feedback & data

Experimenting is a critical way to understand customer behaviour, however, what do you do when customer feedback is different than what the data says? How can you balance the two to achieve optimal success? Examples from projects at
and Deliveroo will highlight the tension and tips for resolving it. 




Final Talks

Rosie Snow, Moo

Pitch Slap Your Product

Teamwork, achievement, focus, empowerment, humour and fun... there is a lot to learn from Pitch Perfect that can be applied to Product Management. In this talk we will focus on Product resilience - how to achieve goals through your team and come out the other side a better Product Manager.

Shaun Shirazian, Intuit

Developing a high performance product team

As product managers we are used to tackling user problems with structure and methodology – what’s the big unmet need supported by data, what’s the ideal state solution, how can we quickly experiment and iterate our way towards that ideal state. The problem is that we often fail to apply this same structure to arguably the most important determinant of success à building a high performing team. What if we applied the same structure for building products to building teams? I’ll chat about real-life examples of applying the science of high performing teams (5 key traits: Trust, Accountability, No Fear of Conflict, Attention to results, Commitment) to a product team. How we’ve measured teams against this criteria, determined the problem areas, developed an ideal state, and acted against it. 

Pooja Naidu, Financial Times Group Products

Finding your North Star

Here at the Financial times, we have found that a 'north star' can help develop better products. There are many pitfalls and 'traps' a product manager falls into when developing new products, what have we learnt from them? 'To measure is to know' is out mantra at the Financial times, and through our learn, build, measure and learn cycle we find what works best for our customers and our business goals. Whenever you develop products, find a single metric that is simple, easy to understand and measure, and one that meets your overarching goals. Focus on the most important thing, have one single version of the truth & consolidate effort and conversation.



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Milton Court Concert Hall

Milton Court
Silk St, London

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